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41.810095, -7.182951

Regional products sale, manufacture of traditional sausages. Regional kitchen prepared for making the best there is in the region.

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41.795466, -6.985309

Vera Alves, has a regional kitchen and prepares some of the best sausages on the region of Vinhais. She participates on the market of Vinhais at about 32 years, where she sells the products.

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41.792385, -6.977063

Participates in local market, exhibits and sells traditional sausages of Trás-os-montes, done with the best pork meat.

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41.791647, -6.955417

Producer of typical sausages of Trás-os-Montes, presence at trade shows of Regional Products. All kinds of sausages are made with the best pig Bísaro meat.

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41.787445, -7.022781

Has a regional, certified kitchen prepared for making traditional smoked meats. You can find these products at markets of Vinhais.

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41.918563, -7.084946

Located in Seixas, this regional Kitchen prepares great cured meats and sausages. Made with traditional method they are presented in Vinhais markets where products are selled.

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41.704287, -6.943576

In this regional kitchen, there are produced smoked meats and selled on the markets. Meats are prepared with the best Bísaro pig pieces. The certified kitchen allows him to participate on the biggest Merket of Vinhais.

vinhais 5.jpg
41.839709, -6.999498

Regional producer of smokehouse with a regional cuisine for over 10 years. Lucinda Pires, participates on the markets that allows direct sales of hand made products. Smoked sausages made the traditional way, with condiments and meat produced in the region.

vinhais 6.jpg
41.739299, -7.161905

Producer of smoked sausages, prepared from indigenous breeds of the region, fed natural-based products, which makes a juicy and with top quality meat. This producer participates in markets and sells regional products directly.

vinhais 3.jpg
41.965075, -7.137912

In this regional kitchen, this producer can make up to three thousand kilos of pork, equivalent to about 20 bísaro pigs. Bisaro Pigs Breeder subsequently transforms the tasty meat in traditional smoke sausages.

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