Capela da Cabeça Boa.jpg
Capela da Cabeça Boa.jpg
capela cabeça boa.jpg

Date: Modern Age (the primitive church would be of century XV).

Description: the facade is coated with modern tiles. The vestibule is decorated with sheled form, which opens to a grand window. The interior altars are of polychromatic woodwork.

State of consertation: good

Legends and Traditions: the pilgrimage Senhor de Cabeça Boa occurs in the 1st Sunday of May. Certain day, a Portuguese emigrant in Brazil was lost at sea and asked for the aid the Saint Christ, promising to build a temple to it if he was saved. Thus the chapel of Saint Christ was born, where the arrival of the Christianity to lands of Vera Cruz is celebrated. Other story says that in the darkest night, the lamp suspended in the chapel is sighted in the distant mountain ranges.

Location: Samil, Bragança

Source: Património dos Concelhos da Terra Fria Concelho de Bragança VOLUME II

Samil, Bragança
capela cabeça boa.jpg 10 anos ago
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Capela da Cabeça Boa.jpg 10 anos ago
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