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Dating: Church of medieval roots, rebuilt in the late 18th century.

Description: the entrance may be earlier than the reconstruction of the Church, in the late 18th century. The inside features a ship of plain walls. In the background, on the side of the Gospel, is the baptismal Chapel and further arise the north side access door and two Windows. On the side of the Epistle is the pulpit with a railing of carved rocaille, which accesses by stairs located in the sacristy. The chancel, of rectangular plan has granite slabs on the ground, two Windows, and walls covered with lime.

State of Conservation: good.

Location: Parada, Bragança

Source: Património dos Concelhos da Terra Fria Concelho de Bragança VOLUME II

Paredes, Bragança
igreja paredes 1.jpg 10 anos ago
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