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Date: 16th century – the convent began in 1569

Description: this is a sturdy, single-nave Church. The South portal is a work of classical Renaissance lines with some Baroque notes, adorned with two medallions. Above is inscribed the date 1597 and is based on the coat of arms of the city, the Manueline period. The nave has a wooden deck with landscape painting of the 18th century and has imprinted the date of 1930 which corresponds very possibly to the date of restoration. The main Chapel has an 18th century altarpiece panels, with the image of our Lady Nossa Senhora das Graças (1862).

State of conservation: good

Legends and traditions: the patron saint of the city of Bragança, to our Lady Nossa Senhora das Graças is holiday on August 22nd an altar of this church. Festivities dedicated to this Saint start the 10th and only finish 22nd of the same month.

Source: Património dos Concelhos da Terra Fria Concelho de Bragança VOLUME I

Rua Emidio Navarro, Bragança
Igreja de Sta Clara.jpg 10 anos ago
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