Igreja de S. Bento_.jpg
Igreja de S. Bento_.jpg
Igreja de S. Bento.jpg

Date: 16th (1590).

Description: A portal from the 17th century (1690) is torn on the Baroque facade with asymmetrical windows. The image of Saint Escolástica is displayed in a small niche. On the left is the coat of arms of the Teixeiras, promoter of this work. Within the Church, with rectangular ship the highlight is an oil painting on wood of the painter Manuel Caetano Fortuna de Castelo Branco, in 1763, which represents the Holy Temple.

State of conservation: good

Legends and traditions: St. Benedict is the patron saint of the Diocese of Bragança-Miranda and the parish of São Bento and São Francisco. It is celebrated annually on July 11th and is preceded by a “novena”.

Source: Património dos Concelhos da Terra Fria Concelho de Bragança VOLUME I

Rua de S. Francisco, Bragança
Igreja de S. Bento_.jpg 9 anos ago
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Igreja de S. Bento.jpg 9 anos ago
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