Rua direita.jpg
Rua direita.jpg
Rua direita_.jpg
Rua Combatentes da Grande Guerra 154A, 5300-252 Bragança, Portugal

Date: Modern and contemporary age.

Description: Located on the street they stand out as different Manor constructions, buildings and former headquarters of the city town hall, acquired by the city in 1864. The Manor of the Morgados probably dates from the 18th century. It consists of three floors, with two polls in the previous shot. The House of the Coronel appears Machadinho with its decorative seam concentrated in the Centre opening of the intermediate floor, also ran to a balcony with iron railing. The house has the main entrance flanked by two pilasters, cornice and gargoyles have gifts in a penthouse on the roof.

State of conservation: good.


Source: Património dos Concelhos da Terra Fria Concelho de Bragança VOLUME I

Rua Direita, Bragança
Rua direita_.jpg 10 anos ago
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Rua direita.jpg 10 anos ago
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