41.704287, -6.943576

In this regional kitchen, there are produced smoked meats and selled on the markets. Meats are prepared with the best Bísaro pig pieces. The certified kitchen allows him to participate on the biggest Merket of Vinhais.

41.839709, -6.999498

Regional producer of smokehouse with a regional cuisine for over 10 years. Lucinda Pires, participates on the markets that allows direct sales of hand made products. Smoked sausages made the traditional way, with condiments and meat produced in the region.

41.739299, -7.161905

Producer of smoked sausages, prepared from indigenous breeds of the region, fed natural-based products, which makes a juicy and with top quality meat. This producer participates in markets and sells regional products directly.

41.965075, -7.137912

In this regional kitchen, this producer can make up to three thousand kilos of pork, equivalent to about 20 bísaro pigs. Bisaro Pigs Breeder subsequently transforms the tasty meat in traditional smoke sausages.

41.731835, -7.112407

This producer has won the competition for the best smoked meat on the Market of Vinhais. She has her own regional Kitchen, where are prepared the best smoke sausages of bisaro pig meat. Isaltina Santos, has certified products. The season of more activity is winter and usually she sells all products at the Market of Vinhais where she participated for several years as an exhibitor.

41.819690, -7.106823

A regional kitchen producer, he establishes direct sales, legalized, ensures a completely artisanal smokehouse accomplishing all hygiene- sanitary conditions. Has several participations in markets which allows him to sell the handmade smoked sausages.

41.843611, -6.957376

This smoked meat and sausages producer created a regional kitchen, which allows small artisanal producers to sell their products through participation in various markets. Owns this way a new marketing channel for the regional smoked meats.

41.795466, -6.985309

Mrs Adélia works on the production of regional smokehouse at about 17 years. She sales directly to public and at local markets and events.

41.804847, -6.925666

Regional smokehouse products. Participates in markets in which he sells hand made products. The smokehouse is made with the finest Bísaro pig meats.

41.714031, -6.797602

The house has two floors, the living room, kitchen, small service toilet and one of the rooms (disable friendly) are located on the ground floor. The other three rooms are on the first floor, the cistus and the gorse rooms are perfect for a family stay as they have access to the shared balcony ideal for a morning sunny breakfast and reading.

The kitchen is fully equipped with microwaves, fridge with freezer, oven, stove, dish washer, eating and cooking dishes, pots and pans providing the guest all the needed tools to prepare a delicious meal in the house.

Each room is decorated in a simple yet unique way and each have a color matching a plant (that also names the room) all very particular from the northern region of the country. Some of the furniture was restored trying to keep the traditional but with a new touch in a nice dialog with the more modern pieces introduced in the decoration of each room.


Main color: Pastel Purple

Price: 80€ high season

70€ low season (from 15 of October to 30 of April)



Main Color: Green

Price: 80€ high season

70€ low season (from 15 of October to 30 of April)


Main Color: Dark red

Located on the ground floor this room has a private toilet with a bathtub and is disabled friendly.

Price: 80€ high season

70€ low season (from 15 of October to 30 of April)


Main Color: Pastel Yellow

Located in the 1st floor this room has a private toilet and direct access to the shared balcony.

Price: 70€ high season

60€ low season (from 15 of October to 30 of April)

Services and comforts:




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