Situated 300 meters from the Cathedral of Miranda do Douro, this residence offers simply furnished rooms with air conditioning. The lounge offers views of the historic center.

All rooms at the Residencial Planalto include satellite TV and a private bathroom.

Every morning a buffet breakfast is served in the lounge.

Guests can read a book in the living room or visit the games room. A computer with free Internet access is available for checking emails and weather.

Parking is available.

32 rooms

Price: 25 to 45 euros

Services and comforts:


The clients may find the best delicious local food as well as international cuisine.

Number of places: more than 150

Average prices: de 15 a 25

Opening hour: 11 am

Services and comforts:


The Canelão Pastry & Chocolate shop is a pastry shop of recognized merit in the city of Bragança. It offers a great variety of national and international pastry products, some salty types bread and fast meals, frozen pastry shop, pantries of ice cream, crepes, waffles. It has a vast offer in chocolate products (artisan bonbons, personalized bonbons, chocolate truffles, chocolate eggs, fondue of fruits, many types of anniversary chocolate cakes).

It offers a vast type of wedding, baptism and communion cakes. It also commercializes invitations and souvenirs for weddings, baptisms and communions.

Opening Hours: 8 am

Closing day: Sunday

Services and comforts:


Description: Equipment that intends to preserve, to promote and to interpret the landscape of the region. Situated in the MontesinhoNaturalPark, it allows to a trip for the fauna and flora of the region, in full contact with the nature.

41.795856, -6.747161

Description: Located south of the city of Bragança, known as Cabeço de S. Bartolomeu, was built a sanctuary with the same name in honour of S. Bento. This is a place with a magnificent view over the city, especially the cidadela (village with in the castle walls). Some recent pre-historic pottery fragments were found near the temple which indicates that a fortified settlement must have existed there once.

41.593373, -6.521282

Description: Synthetic grass with night light. Benches and bar service.

41.5883062, -6.3535102

Date: 15th and 16th centuries Description: The Sanctuary is composed by the Church of Our lady of Naso, five chapels dedicated to the mysteries of the Rosary, a band stand, a sculpture of the Immaculate Conceição, the “moor”, the Well and a stone cross. Legend: legend says it was constructed by a couple from Miranda. While a man was shepherding its flock a Lady appeared and asked him to build in that place a chapel, indicating it to him that same night, in the Mountain range of the Naso, by means of a procession with light, the accurate place where the chapel should be erected. But the shepherd’s wife refused the request and was punished. From that moment the woman promised she would build the chapel. Thus the desired chapel was constructed and its administration is made by somebody contracted by the descendants of that family. State of conservation: Good Romaria - 6, 7 e 8 of Septembre Source:


Dating: 12th and 18th centuries Description: The church is dedicated to Saint Leocádia. The interior is made of an only ship divided in three. The interior covering is made of wood. Next to the epistle is the chapel of Saint Christ, workmanship dated of 1692. This configuration corresponds to a renewal of the medieval temple of which it stills preserve some signals, visible in the arc. In the area of the diocese, this church is one of the few where the main entrance has a lateral disposal. We are thus before a blind main façade, to the similarity of leoneses and Castilian models. Source: in MOURINHO – António Rodrigues – Arquitetura religiosa da diocese de Miranda do Douro-Bragança, Sendim, 1995. RODRIGUES, Luís Alexandre – De Miranda a Bragança: arquitetura religiosa de função paroquial na época moderna, Dissertação de Doutoramento em História da Arte apresentada à Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, Bragança, 2001 (3 volumes). State of conservation: good Legends and Traditions: The people say that the façade is closed because during the Spanish domain the lateral entrance started to be the main one, for the reason that the main façade was facing toward the invading country (Spain).


Located in front of Gimonde’s primary school, this house kept the name, and today is a very cozy nature tourism unit , that allows excellent moments of pure leisure.


The School House was formerly a detached house witch owners were dedicated to agriculture. This family supplied the coal for heating  the small primary school students. The heating was traditionally maintained by the braziers.

Bedrooms: 2

Sevices and facilities:



Description: The building, constructed in 1562 by nuns, always had educative purposes. There they founded a prestigious Jesuit school. With the expulsion of the Order in 1759 a seminary was settled in there in 1766 and from 1853 to 1968 the National School. From 1968 to 1995 the Preparatory School Augusto Moreno was instaled. Renewed in 2004 by the City council of Bragança it was once more transformed in the Municipal Library, Library Adriano Moreira, Academy of Letters of Trás-os-Montes and Conservatory of Music.

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