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Right in the middle of Montesinho Natural Park, is the base of A. Montesinho, which congregates in a rural and authentic environment, six magnificent homes, preserved and made with typical materials of the region.  With all the tranquility the visitor can enjoy the magnificent biodiversity in the natural park away from urban life.

The gastronomy is a brand of the region’s culture, and also has a distinct space in the Group A. Montesinho. Within a gentle and welcoming community , the adventures and unusual experiences are a constant , turning your visit a delight for the senses . Venture out and experience what the park has to offer you in  mountain biking, all -terrain , riding or walking , admire the rare beauty of our land and delivered in time for your soul to this “wonderful kingdom”.

  • Equestrian tours
  • MTB
  • 4×4
  • Footpaths
  • Discover the region
  • Know-how

Sales point of regional products, Crafts , Wine , Olive Oil , Confectionery , Cheese and sausages, etc.


Date:  16th and 17th centuries

Assessment: it covers the building and the garden of the Palace of the former Bishop of Bragança – Building of public Interest

Description: The façade of this building, which resembles a manor house of the 18th century, is long and divided into three sections. The west side door is flanked by two windows. In the centre is displayed the coat of arms, sculpted by João Alves Lagido flanked by three windows. This coat of arms is identical to the tomb of the Bishop João de Sousa Carvalho, who is in the chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios in the Cathedral of Miranda do Douro. AbadeBaçalMuseum is first and foremost a museum devoted to art, archaeology and ethnography.

State of conservation: Very good

Legends and traditions: according to the information of Monsignor José de Castro, the Bishops of Miranda had to live half the year in Bragança. The Bishops of this city, since they did not have proper residence, lived in the Castle, like their counterparts in Miranda, until D. António Pinheiro.

This building, the Episcopal Palace or House of Braganza, was rebuilt in 1734 by the Bishop João de Sousa Carvalho, where today the Abade de Baçal Museum is located.

Source: Património dos Concelhos da Terra Fria Concelho de Bragança VOLUME I

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41.795466, -6.985309

Mrs Adélia works on the production of regional smokehouse at about 17 years. She sales directly to public and at local markets and events.

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41.420841, -6.481960

The AEPGA – Associação para o Estudo e Proteção do Gado Asinino is a non-profit association that was founded on May 9, 2001, and has as its purpose the protection and promotion of cattle asinine, particularly the indigenous breed of donkeys of Terras de Miranda (Miranda’s Lands) – Miranda’s Donkey. This association brings together creators and admirers of this cattle and this contributes to the genetic improvement and the creation of a group of animals whit similar characteristics, which currently survives in Planalto Mirandês (Mirandese Plateau), representing the first indigenous breed of donkeys from Portugal.

The AEPGA has three centers oriented to specific activities, where are housed animals (donkeys) belonging to the Association.

The AEPGA Headquarters is located in the village of Atenor, on the village hall. In this space you can :

  • Buy and sponsor donkeys of Race Mirandesa.
  • Become member of the Association, helping to prevent the extinction of this fascinating animal and a whole history and culture associated with it.
  • Watch the projection of films and documentaries during the activities promoted by AEPGA.
  • Visit the gift shop and purchase some of the material available, for example, puzzles, t – shirts, teddy donkeys, etc., thus contributing to future projects of the Association.
  • Get advice and leaflets of the educational material available.
  • If you want to put some technical questions about Miranda’s donkey, the Association has support available, etc.


The village of Atenor lies in adjoining area the Parque Natural do Douro Internacional (PNDI)(Douro International Natural Park), about 5 Km from the village of Sendim (Miranda do Douro).

The AEPGA has three centers inhabited by donkeys: in the village of Atenor you can visit the Center “O Palheirico “, in the village of Pena Branca, the Pena Branca Center awaits your visit , the village of Duas Igrejas, you can visit the Centro de Acollhimento do Burro (The Center Refuge of the Donkey ).


Diversified Shop of regional products: honey, jams, sausages, many kind of cheese, pollen, nuts, honey with nuts, olive oil, beans, corn, etc..

Has local crafts shop, mainly works in basketry and woodwork.

Open daily from 8:00 to 19:00

Closed Sunday afternoon

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41.804847, -6.925666

Regional smokehouse products. Participates in markets in which he sells hand made products. The smokehouse is made with the finest Bísaro pig meats.

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Description: Located in the TuelaRiver, on the road that connects Vinhais to Nunes. It is believed that of the medieval era.

41.833798, -7.001306

Description:  A space where one can observe the representation of the arts and crafts of the municipality of Vinhais. A space formed by several wooden houses where different objects related with the productive cycles of traditional forms of agriculture are displayed.

Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 9h30 am to 13h00 pm and 14h30 pm to 18h00pm

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Description: The greatest chestnuts grill in the world is in the Guinness book of the Records and is exposed in on one of the towns avenues.

auditorio paulo quintela.jpg

Description: In 1942 the building was acquired by the municipality of Bragança witch installed its services there in 1982. Improved later on as a “Cultural Center” today, after the opening of the new Cultural Center, this building serves as an auditorium, who serves the Municipal Assembly and in the Municipal archive.

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