41.807388, -6.763911

Various local crafts store: cutlery, handmade shoes, pieces of wood adornment, “Caretos”, miniatures in stone, straw hats, wool garments, baskets, masks, stockings and woolen gloves, etc..

Open daily from 8:00 to 19:00

Closed Sunday afternoon

41.807388, -6.763911

Sales point  of regional products: Cheese, Honey, Wine, Sausages

Open daily from 8.00 to 19.00.

Closed Sunday afternoon.

41.807388, -6.763911

Sales point of traditional bread of Bragança. Also has varied regional jams and other sweets, traditional “Folar”, regional cheeses, sausages, olive oil, honey and dried fruits.

Open daily from 8:00 to 19:00

Closes Sunday afternoons.

Av. Luciano Cordeiro, 17 (5300-191 Bragança)
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Handcraft, Wooden Flower Arrangements

A simple broken branch can serve to create a beautiful floral arrangement. To do that you need art and creativity, and these are the ingredients that  Paulo Pereira has. It is in nature that reaps all the raw material it uses in its work, twigs, pieces of wood, seeds, roots, rocks, and so many other things that later turns into beautiful adornments.

This Craftsman participates in Regional Craft Fairs and does custom work. Simple adornment to furniture, and he is always open to new challenges.

  • Shows
  • Work at home
  • International shipping
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What started as a hobby quickly became a way of life. Francisco Cangueiro, professional craftsman works wood for over 30 years. It is a constant presence in the most reputable Craft Fairs in the country and also in neighboring Spain, always presenting live work.

The Palaçoulo knives, internationally known, are the main feature of this craftsman but his work is much more diverse, creating the most varied parts in wooden frames, ornaments, etc..

Open every day


  • Shows
  • Credit and ATM cards accepted
  • Live works
  • International shipping


41.833798, -7.001306

Description:  A space where one can observe the representation of the arts and crafts of the municipality of Vinhais. A space formed by several wooden houses where different objects related with the productive cycles of traditional forms of agriculture are displayed.

Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 9h30 am to 13h00 pm and 14h30 pm to 18h00pm


Craftsman of “Capas de Honra Mirandesas”

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He is like the “ambassador” of Miranda do Douro.

Aureliano Ribeiro is one of the most known craftsmen of the municipality, being one of the few that still make Capas de Honra Mirandesa, a coat that is above all a pride in being mirandês, a signal of honor and respect.

He learned the art when he was 12 years of age, with his father who was tailor.

Price: 20 to 600 €

  • Participates in exhibitions
  • International expedition
  • Orders
  • Live work
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It was a taste for traditional music that led Celio Pires to learn to play the harmonica-Bagpiper at the age of 12. The difficulty of acquiring musical instruments led him to handcrafts, starting at the age of 16 to his experience in the manufacture of harmonica Bagpiper.

From his workshop, fully equipped, come true works of art, widely known by the people of the area and there are many tourists who make their way to acquire these traditional instruments.

Bagpipes, Flutes, drums, accordions

Price: 150-750 €

  • Order
  • International expedition
  • Live Work
Sabores da Muralha (3).JPG

Sabores da Muralha is a shop which sells local products, located in the heart of the city of Miranda do Douro. Much of the local artisans and producers of the area sell their products in this store.

It has: traditional sweets, handicrafts, olive oil, cheeses, honey, herbs, wine, smoked meats, jams, dried fruit, liqueurs, souvenirs, among others.

Services and comforts:

  • Open every day
  • Credit card


  • ATM
  • French


  • Spanish
  • English


Pitica de Dius (7).JPG

Cushions that if mold to the body and that when warm, they provide a pleasant sensation of wellbeing. They are excellent to heat the children’s beds without running risk of burnings.

Indicated for:

Infantile muscular and abdominal pains, migraines, dark circles, sinusitis, fatigue, Relaxation and reduction of stress.

Substitutes the hot water bag.

  • Orders
  • International expedition
  • Only wheat products used


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