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The AEPGA – Associação para o Estudo e Proteção do Gado Asinino is a non-profit association that was founded on May 9, 2001, and has as its purpose the protection and promotion of cattle asinine, particularly the indigenous breed of donkeys of Terras de Miranda (Miranda’s Lands) – Miranda’s Donkey. This association brings together creators and admirers of this cattle and this contributes to the genetic improvement and the creation of a group of animals whit similar characteristics, which currently survives in Planalto Mirandês (Mirandese Plateau), representing the first indigenous breed of donkeys from Portugal.

The AEPGA has three centers oriented to specific activities, where are housed animals (donkeys) belonging to the Association.

The AEPGA Headquarters is located in the village of Atenor, on the village hall. In this space you can :

  • Buy and sponsor donkeys of Race Mirandesa.
  • Become member of the Association, helping to prevent the extinction of this fascinating animal and a whole history and culture associated with it.
  • Watch the projection of films and documentaries during the activities promoted by AEPGA.
  • Visit the gift shop and purchase some of the material available, for example, puzzles, t – shirts, teddy donkeys, etc., thus contributing to future projects of the Association.
  • Get advice and leaflets of the educational material available.
  • If you want to put some technical questions about Miranda’s donkey, the Association has support available, etc.


The village of Atenor lies in adjoining area the Parque Natural do Douro Internacional (PNDI)(Douro International Natural Park), about 5 Km from the village of Sendim (Miranda do Douro).

The AEPGA has three centers inhabited by donkeys: in the village of Atenor you can visit the Center “O Palheirico “, in the village of Pena Branca, the Pena Branca Center awaits your visit , the village of Duas Igrejas, you can visit the Centro de Acollhimento do Burro (The Center Refuge of the Donkey ).

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Description: A rural camping park integrated in the Biological Park of Vinhais, also with Bungalows, located within the Natural Park of Montesinho.

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