Description: Manor of the 19th century, with two plants, with a layer of patent families Morais Sarmento and Ferreira symbols. It was built by a member of the family of José de Morais Sarmento. It has a chapel dedicated to St. Catherine, with the date of 1714 in its facade. This House was owned by João Ferreira Sarmento.

Solar do Conde de Sarmento 2.jpg

Date: end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century.

Description: In the upper part of the garden, in the Arrabalde square one can discover a Palace, the mansion of the Earl Sarmento, with stone of arms in the Centre of the façade. It is a building dating from the end of the 18th century until the beginning of the 19th century. Count Sarmento was Counsellor to the King, general and Assistant to his Imperial Majesty, the Duke of Bragança and was honoured with other national and foreign orders.


Description: Located in Arrabalde square, it is a building of mid-17th century, decorated with the symbols of the Morais family. There is an inscription that describes the victory to the Spanish troops in 1666, surrounded by the people.

“Estêvão de Mariz, Governor of this village, son of Pedro de Morais de Tuizelo, had these homes built ofter the where destroyed by general Pantoxa of the army of Galicia, (…) and defended the wall with the noble people of the village. With losing much, lifted the siege and burned the houses that stood outside the walls”.


Description: the Manor of the Condes de Vinhais was built on the main street of the town of Vinhais. It is a monument of the 18th century, showing all the Baroque dynamism on the facade.

Rating: Building of public Interest – IPP, 28 de dezembro / 82, DR 47, 26 de fevereiro 1982


Description: It is a Baroque building with two floors and has a private chapel, which was owned by the family Morais Sarmento and Campilho. It has large windows and doors. A large wooden beautifully designed terrace, typically “transmontana”, is located on the South side.

Rua direita.jpg
Rua Combatentes da Grande Guerra 154A, 5300-252 Bragança, Portugal

Date: Modern and contemporary age.

Description: Located on the street they stand out as different Manor constructions, buildings and former headquarters of the city town hall, acquired by the city in 1864. The Manor of the Morgados probably dates from the 18th century. It consists of three floors, with two polls in the previous shot. The House of the Coronel appears Machadinho with its decorative seam concentrated in the Centre opening of the intermediate floor, also ran to a balcony with iron railing. The house has the main entrance flanked by two pilasters, cornice and gargoyles have gifts in a penthouse on the roof.

State of conservation: good.


Source: Património dos Concelhos da Terra Fria Concelho de Bragança VOLUME I

casa do Arco.jpg

Date: House of the 17th century

Description: Manor House of the Pimentel Family is a baroque mansion on two floors, with the main facade to the street named Rua Direita, which bears on the main floor the coat of arms of the families Morais and Pimentel, from the 19th century.

State of conservation: in the restoration.

Source: Património dos Concelhos da Terra Fria Concelho de Bragança VOLUME I

Rua da Costanilha MD (3).JPG
41.4932749, -6.2743743

Description: Of medieval origins, it dates back to the 15th century. The puppies that adorn its windows remember the 15th and 16th centuries and its wild naturalism.

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