miradouro são bastolomeu.jpg

Date: Contemporary age.

Description: This religious building has been remodelled in recent years. It has a façade divided into three bodies, six barred windows and an arch of round door on the central space. The photo of the facade is made by the interruption of the belfry.

State of conservation: good.

Source: Património dos Concelhos da Terra Fria Concelho de Bragança VOLUME I

castelo de algoso.jpg
41.461471, -6.579351

Description: From the castle of Algoso the view is magnificent. This national monument of public interest built with a military purpose served as defence against danger coming from Spain, more specifically from the kingdom of Leon.

miradouro penha das torres 2.jpg

Description: This is known as the most oriental point of Portugal where one can see the 1st rays of sun light.

miradouro são joão das arribas 1.jpg

Description: Excelent view of the river Douro

miradouro castro de vale de águia.jpg

Description: located near the ancient settlement of Castro de Vale D’Águia, the visitor can observe a grand curve of the Douro river.

miradouro da sé.jpg

Description: Great perspective of the “geo-monument” raised by the Douro River.

miradouro do chapeu.jpg

Description: Miradouro above the Rio Douro. The access is made by a dirt road.

miradouro parque de merendas.jpg

Description: A picnic park near the river Douro. The access is made by a dirt road. Ideal for sport fishing

miradouro dos molhões.jpg

Description: Situated on a gigantic ball of granite tipped over the river Douro. The access is made by a dirt road.

miradouro fraga amarela.jpg

Description: Located near the Castro of Ciguenha i tis a bedrock that “falls” over the river Douro

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