Description: In 1580 and 1587 was founded by Judge Dr. Antonio Alvares Ferreira and his wife, D. Helena de Nóvoa, having come to integrate 112 nuns. The degradation of the building was caused by a large fire in 1838. It closed in 1879, year in which part of the building was sold for the construction of the current Town Hall.


Dating: 16th century

Description: It is a church of one ship. The headboard is raised above the main structure of the church. The images of Senhor da Piedade and Senhora da Soledade are workmanship of 18th century baroque cut. It possesses different remains of 16th century paintings.

State of Conservation: very good

Location: Duas Igrejas, Miranda do Douro

Legends and Traditions: According to legend of the Senhora do Monte, the Virgin Mary asked a little shepherd girl to inform the inhabitants of the place where they should build a temple in Her honor. The date of this appearance is of 1902. The 15th of August is the annual pilgrimage.


Description: Chapel in ruins which the only remains are the walls and the main chapel. Nearby the visitors can find the two places excavated in the rock.

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