The Convent of Balsamão has a part reserved for guests - House Retreat and Rest of Balsamão with central heating, 37 rooms with private bathroom, lounge andsatellite TV, conference room meetings or seminars, restaurant, bar and party hall for weddings, baptisms and other gatherings. The retreat house and rest of the Convent of Balsamão, as the name implies, is intended to spiritual retreats, courses, seminars, or simply relaxing a vacation away from the hustle of big cities. People who are Hosted in the Convent may participate in the prayers of the religious community, if they so wish. Balsamão! Silence that speaks, refreshing breezes, warm heat, wind that shakes, perfume inebriates, bringing faith, hope it inspires, ignites charity, peace that passes, God who reveals himself! Vieux of Oranges-trees cloister. The Convent of Balsamão is located in the north-east, Trás-os-Montes, in the heart of Bragança county, at 57 km from the city, 17 km away from Macedo de Cavaleiros and 4 km from the village of Chacim. The Balsamão hill is watered by river Azibo, in the south, with a small roman bridge lain across, and by the stream of Chacim in the north. As high as 522 m, the small hill has very particular micro-climate that allows the growth of the orange-tree and the almond-tree, making the landscape astonishing when the bloom starts. Party hall for weddings. Facing it you find the Bornes Mountain, once called “honey hill” with its fertile valleys and hillocks. The visitor, among other touristic points, has the chance to see the roman bridges mentioned before, the village of Malta, once a property of the military order with the same name, which is closely connected to the history of Balsamão, the damming of Azibo with its magnificent fluvial beach. The Balsamão hill is an isolated place where you can enjoy the beauty of the nature and the silence. The Historic memory of the convent is compose by the church( sanctuary of our lady of Balsamão), a small and old cloister and the room of the honour-able Frey Casimiro that conquers the tourists by its meaning, beauty and simplicity. In the Convent lives a religious community, the Marians of the Immaculate Conception who owns the Convent. They offer a shelter for pilgrims and guests. It also develops an activity plan linked to religious matters and studies for religious life and priesthood.

The retreat house at Convento de Balsamão has 37 rooms - all equipped with telephone, restrooms and heating - social and TV rooms, library, museum, conference rooms, cafeteria, restaurant, ballroom, a chapel and a church that has just undertaken a comprehensive restoration. Activities: Guided tour of the convent including museum, cloisters, chapel and church. All marked hiking trails around the property. Guided visit to the famous beach at the Azibo River, tours to the cities of Macedo de Cavaleiros, Alfândega da Fé, Bragança, Miranda do Douro, Santiago de Compostela in Spain and others.

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41.807388, -6.763911

Various local crafts store: cutlery, handmade shoes, pieces of wood adornment, “Caretos”, miniatures in stone, straw hats, wool garments, baskets, masks, stockings and woolen gloves, etc..

Open daily from 8:00 to 19:00

Closed Sunday afternoon

41.807388, -6.763911

Sales point  of regional products: Cheese, Honey, Wine, Sausages

Open daily from 8.00 to 19.00.

Closed Sunday afternoon.


Diversified Shop of regional products: honey, jams, sausages, many kind of cheese, pollen, nuts, honey with nuts, olive oil, beans, corn, etc..

Has local crafts shop, mainly works in basketry and woodwork.

Open daily from 8:00 to 19:00

Closed Sunday afternoon


Sabores da Muralha is a shop which sells local products, located in the heart of the city of Miranda do Douro. Much of the local artisans and producers of the area sell their products in this store.

It has: traditional sweets, handicrafts, olive oil, cheeses, honey, herbs, wine, smoked meats, jams, dried fruit, liqueurs, souvenirs, among others.

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