The House of Caçarelhos is more than a agro-tourism lost in the grandness of the Mirandês plateau. With a familiar management, it was projected to welcome visitors as they were friends.

Located between the town of Vimioso and the city of Miranda do Douro, in the center of the centennial village of Caçarelhos, this agricultural house of typical rustic architecture, adopts the rock and the wood as key points of its sophisticated decoration, linking it to the essence of the place.

It has ten rooms total equipped. The visitors also have access to the library. The enormous and elegant common room, very well decorated bring memory of days of comfort and art, invites you to the fireplace, where a tail piano can temper these moments with surrounding music.

Prices: 75 euros/day

Services and comforts:



Largo Feira de Caçarelhos, Caçarelhos 5230-000 Vimioso