Dating: it may have been built or rebuilt in 1757.

Description: access to this large temple is done by a wide staircase. In the churchyard there is a church garden sink of holy water from the ruined Chapel of Santa Eulalia, where is said to have existed in the town of Medea. In the grand facade stands out the high Bell Tower of three records. Inside there are 9 altars carved polychrome; a pulpit; the baptistery of granite and the high altar with the national arms.

State of conservation: good.

Legends and Traditions: a house in the Fountain of the Moor Street, in the neighborhood of Pereiro, the memory remains the site of the old parish church. It is a stone with the date 1622. The main religious festivals of this village are from São Sebastião (on the 3rd Sunday of January), St. Apolinário (the last Sunday in July) and Nossa senhora da Assunção (15th of August). Here also conducts a biweekly (Wednesday) fair (8 and 26 of each month) and an annual fair (December 8).

Source: Património dos Concelhos da Terra Fria Concelho de Bragança VOLUME II

Izeda, Bragança