The boat carried by the cliffs of Miranda do Douro is one of the greatest natural attractions of the region. Firstly the comfort provided by the boat, equipped and air-conditioned and the spectacle of the landscape that offer the cliffs of the Douro. But this tour is mainly a deep dive in nature, the local fauna and flora. Is possible get in touch with the natural anr rare habitats, enjoy the quiet and daring flights of the local fauna, and always with due explanation of technical specialists who already know this cannon Douro like his own hands and show the more fantastic tourist sites.

This tour is completely environmentally friendly, any pollution, including noise, was safeguarded to cause the least possible impact on the environment.

Moreover, the company responsible for this environmental Cruise works for the integrity of the spaces in which it operates and is sponsoring several programs for research and conservation, always defending the concept of sustainable ecotourism.

Estação Biológica Internacional Douro