41.543213, -6.3263716

Date: medieval Description: “Classified as medieval, a chronological precision is difficult, given the absence of the sculpture parts that would supply safer data, over all in what respects to the figure of Christ” (ROSAS, 2000). The structure of the stone cross is very simple, limiting itself practically to the essential. In the lateral faces exist two figures, of difficult interpretation but presumably, in accordance with Ernesto Jana, one of them seem to represent a bull, which opens new perspectives regarding the possible representation of the Evangelistas, never concluded, or continued in the superior parts, however lost. The stone cross is one of the few workmanships of the type in the province of Trás-os-Montes that had been object of classification as national heritage. State of conservation: Reasonable Classification: Classified as Property of Public Interest (IIP - Imóvel de Interesse Público) Source:

Largo de Igreja, 5210-150 Malhadas, Miranda do Douro