Description: It is a simple church with a single nave. Side door reads: M.DCC.XXIII.AN (1723). It is believed that the Church was built using stones from the primitive wall and “Torre de Menagem”.

Legends and traditions: the town of Vinhais has much veneration for its great patron. According to tradition, his image belonged to the Church of S. Facundo, ancient temple which according to legend was composed by the Goths where two Galician gentlemen, Facundo and Primitivo, in the battle against the barbarians, suffer the cruel martyrdom in defence of the Christian faith. In times of drought is carried in procession the image of the parish church of San Facundo, saying even today some neighbours when days of clear skies return, a strong downpour of water makes chaos the procession.

Opening hours: Visits by appointment only

Address: Located at the highest point of the town of Vinhais

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