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Date: Religious monument dating from the second half of the 18th century.

Description: The façade of this Chapel is covered with yellow and black tiles of template. Work of the then modern rococo architecture.

State of conservation: good.

Legends and traditions: Legend has it that on a summer day was a girl that didn’t speak with cattle in a place called Pereiros, when she approached by the Virgin dos Remédios that offered her water from a fountain. Returning home the girl was thinking about a way to transmit these events to her family, when she realized that she could already speak.

After some time, when the girl was sleeping, the Virgin appeared again, taking her to a thread of water that came out of the ground. Cured by the Virgin the girl sang a hymn of praise and asked why she was blessed by the Virgin. The Virgin told her that the people of the village were not very devout and ordered her to tell the people not to work on Sunday and not miss mass.

The third and last appearance there was, once again, on the River Bank, near the chapel Dos Remédios. The girl saw the Virgin in a cloud. The Virgin sent her to tell the people of the land to change the temple to the top of the village, where they saw a circle of snow that would indicate the location and size and gave them some gold coins to help its construction.

Tuizelo, Vinhais
santuario Tuizelo 2.jpg 11 anos ago
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